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Fully Managed VPS Hosting

We Mean What We Say It Is Fully Managed VPS

Fully Managed VPS Hosting
Managed VPS Hosting is ideal for companies that don’t have an internal IT staff, or want to free up their IT staff to focus on other tasks. Many companies are skeptical about turning the management & hosting of their servers over to a web hosting provider, but those who utilize managed vps hosting services are finding that IT outsourcing can save money and time while letting them focus on core business initiatives. We employ expert in-house staff, ensuring prompt and helpful responses to your issues (typically under 45 minutes response time).
AnixHost offers managed services on their entire vps line of linux or windows vps servers. It is important to stress the fact that we offer managed servers. Many companies out there offer servers but fail to notify the client of the unmanaged vps they will be buying. Selling an unmanaged vps greatly reduces the overhead cost of a vps server provider!

Managed VPS Key Features

  • Proactive Monitoring

    Over 30 points are monitored by our staff 24/7. In most cases, the issue is resolved before you are aware that anything has happened.

  • Best-Effort Third Party Installations

    Have unique software/script you want installed on your VPS? No worries, we will do our very best to get it installed even if we have never worked with it before.

  • Unlimited Admin Work

    Unlike other managed companies who allot you “X” amount of admin hours each month, we don’t. When you need us, we are here, anytime, for whatever reason.

  • Fast Response Times!

    What good is Fully Managed VPS Support if you need to wait hours for it? We have a one hour response time guarantee but often you will find us responding in minutes.

  • Installations/Audits/Updates/etc..

    You name it, we will do it. When we say Fully Managed VPS we mean it. We dont have a list of things we wont do like other hosts. Anything from software installations to OS updates.

  • Free Migration Assistance

    We make it as easy as possible for you to come and join us. You’ll receive FREE Migration assistance when you purchase any of our VPS hosting packages. Just contact our support team and we will arrange migration at a time and date that is convenient for you.


So every host has a support team, but what makes ours so much better? Experience, knowledge, and friendliness. All of our technicians that we employ go through a vigorous test of technical questions, background check, and casual chats with us to ensure qualifications met. Each technician we hire has a minimum of 5 years experience. This gives us to confidence to say we can provide the best possible support to our clients. If you have an issue, you can expect our technicians to solve it!

Managed VPS Server

All our servers run on the fastest 8 Core Intel proccessors with 16GB DDR3 along with RAID-10 storage. No skimping here! We fully manage your VPS. We are always here ready to respond. We take care of anything from troubleshooting to installing general software. We guarantee you will always have more than 99.9% uptime on our network and servers.

Are You Ready to Order Your Managed VPS