Basic Linux Commands Below is a brief guide for basic usage of a Linux shell (command line). Once you've mastered... Basic iptables usage Iptables is a program that allows you to configure Linux's built-in firewall. By default, no... Find All Large Files On A Linux System We can use find to search directories for files greater than 20MB, display the path and file... How do I upload files large or small to my VPS server? We don't do posting and going to data centre anymore to upload files.Also uploading via any of... How to Find the folder with most files / inodes? To find the folder with most files or inodes run the following command:find / -xdev -printf... How to SSH into your VPS? After receiving your VPS login details, the first thing you'll want to do is log in to the VPS.... How to install Python with mod_wsgi on a CentOS VPS or Server with cPanel? The world knows that cPanel/WHM is not too Django, or python friendly. However, this is a step... Installing CSF (ConfigServer Firewall) on a server This guide will walk you through installing CSF on a VPS/Dedicated server. Preparing the... Migrating/Restoring large cPanel domain from shared hosting account to your VPS server cPanel facilitates you to restore full domain including email accounts, MySQL databases,... What happens when you reach your VPS bandwidth limit? If your VPS exceeds its bandwidth limit, our system will automatically suspend the service. You... What is guaranteed RAM, burstable memory, vSWAP and SWAP? Guaranteed RAM is the RAM(Memory) size which is allocated to a VPS and can be used whenever this... Where to find SolusVM? You can find SolusVM here:   
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